What we do

We customize a package specifically for your private practice. Some of the options Move Forward Virtual Assistants provides are:


We give you back time and peace of mind

  •  Answer phones, schedule and reschedule clients

  • Manage email inboxes

  • Respond to contact form inquiries

  • Cover insurance-related administrative work:

    • Verify insurance benefits

    • Follow up on insurance claim problems

    • Post explanation of benefit data into your system

  • Draft letters when a client has given you permission to contact their primary care physician about treatment

  • Contact clients about unpaid balances

  • We take care of the initial client contact so you can go home at the end of the day instead of return phone calls

  • Other administrative tasks as assigned

We use the existing systems you already have in your practice—no need to change your phone or electronic health record. If you are needing help with some other type of task that isn’t on this list, contact us and we can discuss if it’s something we are able to provide.

Our VA services are a good fit for your practice if:

  • You’re in session several hours a day and are missing new client contacts

  • You’re an insurance based practice who does their own billing and needs support for ancillary tasks which come up during that process

  • You do not have office space to bring on a full time assistant

  • You’re a self-pay practice that needs a highly trained assistant knowledgeable about helping convert potential clients

  • You don’t have time to handle the administrative tasks of owning a private practice any more, even though you have systems in place and are as organized as you can hope to be.

  • You’re ready to have more free time!

    Virtual Assistant pricinG:

    Our packages are designed for practices in different stages of growth so that you purchase an amount of time that is right for you.


Inbox Zero Service:

Unlimited Email and Phone Messages


This package is for individual providers.

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Movin’ on up:

14 hours Per Month of VA Partner Service


This packages are best for small group practices (1-3 providers).

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Movin’ up to the big time:

20 hours per month of VA Partner Service


This packages are best for mid-size group practices (4 or more providers).

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