Alison is an affiliate for the businesses, books, and products listed below. These are companies, books, and products that Alison uses in her own group practice and virtual assistant company and she makes these recommendations based off of her experience with them. When you access and purchase the below items and services through the links, Alison receives compensation, which helps her to continue to offer great resources and solutions for therapists and private practices.





All Call Technologies

This is the phone system Alison uses in her own group practice. They have great customer service!

$50 discount off their setup fee - use code: MFVA


Therapy Den

Therapy Den is overtaking Psychology Today's market by offering a better therapist directory. You can add yourself for free! Therapists can get their first six months free on TherapyDen




Just starting your own solo private practice? You need Business School Bootcamp!

Contacts: Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer


Acuity Scheduling

Move Forward Virtual Assistants uses Acuity for scheduling through the virtual assistant company. What is awesome is that it syncs to a google calendar as well so everything is streamlined.

extended 30 days free (normally 7 days)


Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting helps private practice owners get their website to the top of search engines (SEO) and in front of more of their ideal clients! They offer both "done for you" services where they optimize your website for you or "SEO Training" where they teach you or someone in your practice to optimize your own website.

Contact: Jessica Tappana


The Practice Of Therapy

A helpful class for Therapists on How to use G Suite bundled with the popular Money Matters course. A bundle deal that will be sure to assist with multiple needs at your private practice.


Brighter Vision

Brighter Vision is the website service Alison uses for her own group practice website for the past 3 years. The ongoing customer tech support is great!


Perry Rosenbloom at


Practice Solutions

Practice Solutions specializes in insurance billing for mental health practices. They can do it all for you so you don't have to worry about billing again!

Contact: Jeremiah Zug



Theranest is the backbone of Alison's group practice. It does everything and is easy for clinicians to learn how to use.

Use our referral link to receive 20% off your first 2 months of Theranest



Is there any way to get clients in the door quicker that doesn't add extra demands on your time? YES! Google Ads is shown to be effective at getting your ad in front of the people searching specifically for your service. If you want the people ready for treatment to find your website, Google Ads is the way to get to them ABOVE the organic search result

Use the code MOVE FORWARD to receive 25% off your first month of service.


“Never underestimate the power of a simple tool.”

Craig Bruce



Zoom links people through the power of video. Move Forward Virtual Assistants uses Zoom for coaching meetings, training clients, and demonstrations. Features we love include screen sharing, recording the meetings to the cloud, Google integration, and email reminders for meetings.



Empower your teams to better serve your customers with all-in-one cloud phone, video conferencing, team messaging, contact center, and more.


The entirety of this book is great for any business owner. What is especially helpful are the chapters on managing staff. Flynn uses the "7 Magic Questions" to communicate with her employees and this is the same structure Alison uses in her own private practice with her staff.

Many business owners mistakenly think that employees stay in a job because of money or want to be rewarded with a yearly bonus, but this is simply not the case. The author dispels many myths related to why employees stay in a job and how you as the business owner can show your staff that you value their work based on research.

The author gives readers a concrete structure for how to manage their business finances so they can maximize profit and ensure their business isn't functioning "paycheck to paycheck." This book has been a game changer for therapy practice owners to help them build a solid foundation for their business financial future.


Ever wonder how your business would function without you? The hallmark of a healthy business is that it would run like clockwork, even with the business owner's extended absence. The author will guide you through a series of exercises to teach you how to do this. He challenges every business owner to take a 4 week vacation!

When a typical planner/calendar will not do, try the progress journal. It gives prompts to track your KPI's and what you are grateful for each day. When you are feeling lost in the weeds of lots of goals and not sure if you are making progress, this can help you stay on track.

Too many things to do and not sure you are using your time wisely? Try David Allen's strategies for maximizing your productivity.


Hiring can be one of the most challenging tasks a group practice owner faces; make the right hire and it can transform your business, make the wrong hire and it can make your life miserable. Learn the 3 characteristics you should look for in an employee in this book that is written like a story, but teaches human resource concepts along the way.

The author of this book believes we should all dream bigger. We are playing too small and that is holding us back from achieving what we really want. This is a great book about changing your mindset about what you can accomplish.

Another great book about productivity and how to focus on one thing at a time so it gets completed efficiently.


If you need to work on your money mindset, this book is for you. As business owners believing in wealth and the concept that you deserve it can be a powerful shift in thinking which can transform both your finances in your personal and business life.

Someone described this as having a "life coach" in a day planner. With sections to help you track what is really important, this is so much more than just a calendar.

This book was ahead of its time and is still relevant today. Will Alison ever only work 4 hours per week? Probably not, but the concepts in this book can be applied to shorten the amount of time you need to spend working so that you can use your remaining time however you wish.


This is the same noise machine Alison uses in all of her offices. You can change it to a variety of sounds, including white noise, pink noise, and other nature sound effects. These are affordable and work well to mask the noise between offices.

This is the first medical grade EEG machine that is available to the public. It will give you real time feedback on how well you are meditating. It is great to use with yourself or with clients.

In Alison’s private practice, they hang these on the door of the therapy offices so everyone knows if a therapist is "in session" or flip the sign and it says "Office is available." Since they all share offices it is helpful so that they don't walk in on someone else's session by mistake. And it helps these signs are cute and fit in with the overall farmhouse decor!