Why do I need a Virtual Assistant?

Having a VA working for you can help you leverage your time and income in your practice. It allows you to spend more time doing the things only you can do, like providing therapy services. Practice owners recognize the return on investment with having a VA in terms of reducing their own stress level, having more time to provide therapy, having more clients coming in the door because they aren’t missing calls, and being able to work less.

How will the Virtual Assistant know what to do?

You will spend up to 2 hours training the VA on the specific systems and processes you have set up in your practice. This initial training time is free and doesn’t count towards your monthly total. Some things you will not have to train your VA on because we have already done it for you! We train them on the specifics of how to perform tasks in a therapy practice, specifically how to speak to clients on the phone, how to maintain confidentiality/HIPAA compliance, how electronic health records work, etc. Hiring one of our VA’s means you will have to do much less training compared to hiring one on your own. To prepare for your training call with your new VA the more you have written down on paper about your systems and processes, the better! Download our free PDF “What to do before you hire your first VA” for additional help.

How does the Virtual Assistant keep track of their time?

We want the amount of time you have remaining in the month to be as transparent as possible. We use an app called Harvest so our VA’s can track their time they are working for your practice down to the minute. They also keep a shared google spreadsheet viewable by you at anytime, where they note the tasks they are doing each day and how much time it has taken. Our VA’s will let you know if you are getting close to using up all of your time for the month so you can make a decision about what you would like to do and there aren’t any “surprise bills.” On the other hand, f you aren’t going to be close to using up all of your time, your VA will let you know that too so you can find additional tasks for them to do. We are not able to “roll over” hours to the next month, as your VA has reserved that time in their schedule for your practice. Any additional hours for the month are billed at $29/hour in quarter hour increments.

I’m ready to sign up, how do I get started?

You will set up an initial phone call with James, to determine if our services are a good fit for your practice. Once we decide to move forward (no pun intended) you will receive a contract outlining the terms we agreed on and a business associate agreement (BAA) outlining that all of your protected health information (PHI) will be protected by our company. You will be able to make monthly automatic payments through PayPal. Once you decide on what date you want to start, your payment will begin that day and you will also set up a time to meet with your VA for training. To schedule with James please click here.


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Will I be locked into a contract?

The contract for VA services is for one year, but has a clause that you may terminate services at any time with 30 days notice.

Do your Virtual Assistants answer the phone?

We have structured our company so that each time zone in the United States is covered by a team of VA’s. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the east coast, the west coast, or somewhere in between, we have VA’s who are available to answer your phones during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, typically from either 9 am - 5 pm or 8 am - 4 pm. If your virtual assistant is on another line or away from their desk the calls will be returned promptly.

Do you always answer the phone? how often do you return messages?

We strive to answer every call “live,” but this isn’t always possible given the fact that our VA’s are helping multiple practices. If they are on the phone already or away from their desk, the call will go to voicemail. Our goal is to return the message in 2 hours or less during normal business hours. We know the ultimate goal is not just to answer phones and return messages, but to schedule appropriate clients in open slots who will actually show up for the appointments. We know staying on top of new client inquiries and giving great customer service to your existing clients is of utmost importance to you and it is to us too!

What other tasks can the Virtual Assistant do?

Your VA can help you collect data so you can see the health of your practice at a glance. One example is tracking how many new client inquiries you have, how many are scheduled versus not scheduled and the reason why. They may also be able to make suggestions about ways to make processes run more efficiently in your practice. If there are other tasks you need help with that aren’t on our services page let us know and we will see if we can accommodate them.

What happens if I have a problem with my Virtual Assistant?

One way to assure things go smoothly with your VA is to communicate regularly and also don’t be afraid to provide constructive feedback. Our VA’s want to be sure they are performing tasks the way you want them done and are open to hearing from their clients how they are doing. If the issue can’t be resolved between the two of you, schedule a meeting with James and we will make a plan. Click here to schedule a phone call with James. Our hope is that having VA services makes your life easier and we will work with you to make sure the services are meeting your needs.

Can you help with marketing tasks?

Yes! We now have specialized VA’s who can help with blog writing, social media management and graphic design. These are separate packages that you can purchase whether or not you have the traditional VA package with us.

will the va continue using the systems i already have set up?

Yes, your VA has been trained on the more common electronic health records and phone systems. For example: Theranest, Simple Practice, Therapy Notes, Ring Rx, All Call Technologies, Spruce, etc. If you like what you have currently in your practice you can certainly keep them!

What if I do not use all my hours in a month?

VA Partner Service packages means your VA would work on assigned projects, check messages and return calls at specified times during the day. For each package the amount of time listed is the maximum amount of time allotted each month for your practice. Unused hours for the month are forfeited since your VA has set aside that time in their schedule to work for you. If you happen to have a busier month than usual, additional hours are billed at $29/hour.


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