INbox Zero

Inbox Zero Virtual Assistant for solo practices reduces your messages to zero twice a day and sorts them into manageable action lists. Your virtual assistant will then work on the scheduling messages. You will be given the messages you want to see.

Inbox Zero solves these common problems:

  • The mailbox is full, but your schedule isn’t.

  • Opportunities are missed because it takes hours or days to respond.

  • Time is wasted on unimportant spam, ads, and routine messages .

  • Important messages get missed in the blizzard of daily email.

  • Instead of running the business or seeing clients, too much time is spent on sorting communication.

  • The important work only I can do is not sorted and clear.

  • An hour or more a day is spent responding to communication.

  • Constant communication interrupts your flow and distracts your attention.

  • Voicemails sit in the mailbox too long waiting for attention.


What does your inbox look like?

INbox Zero Follows a Simple Plan:

  • Your assigned assistant will process and sort your correspondence before taking action using these action steps:

    • React and Respond- can the task in the message be taken care of in 2 minutes or less? Do it on the spot! Time is saved by only touching the item once. The virtual assistant can send prepared responses for common inquiries and sort the rest for you. If the item is a task, move it to the resolve later list (to-do list).

    • Resolve Later - will this item take some time to read, process, and reply to? Defer the message to an assigned time. These items make up your action list or to-do list. Some of the bigger items become calendar appointments. In our system we will do your scheduling and sort the rest of your important items for you.

    • Rely on - some messages need to be delegated to another person. If you are not the right person for this task, who is? Send them the message and the VA will set up a way to follow-up at a later date.

    • Remove - after all the important messages are managed the last thing to do is delete or archive what is left. The VA will sort these messages into a folder for you to confirm and delete. Common messages like ads or news can be filtered for bulk review and deletion.

  • Once the messages are sorted the VA will begin working on the scheduling items in the to-do list from the messages. What you will be left with is the action items you want to see.

A lot of people get really good at checking email and they don’t always get so good at doing anything about it.

~ Merlin Mann

INbox Zero pricinG:


SetUp Cost


Once, your mailbox was new and empty. We will spend some time with you organizing and sorting your messages. We will also learn how you would like us to process your mail into the 5 categories.


Monthly Cost


Your virtual assistant will routinely check one mailbox and voicemail box. They will process and sort your mail and complete the scheduling tasks from those messages twice a day every business day. No time limit, no restriction on messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I am ready to get started. When can a virtual assistant start with my practice?

    • Starting is a process that can be accomplished in as little as 1 week. Setup documents are sent to you and a VA is assigned to your program in the first week. Once you have the setup documents completed you return the documents to the assigned VA. Then you and the VA meet to discuss your documents and process. After the setup is done the VA will start.

  • How many messages and phone calls will my VA return?

    • Unlimited, no tracking required.

  • How many hours will I be charged for going over my time?

    • There is no overage charge. because there is no time limit.

  • How long do contracts last and how hard is it to break my contract?

    • Contracts last for one year and either party can break the contract with one week’s notice.

  • What if I want my assistant to do more tasks besides managing the inbox?

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