Employment at Move Forward Virtual Assistants


Work with us!

We are looking for organized, reliable individuals with excellent attention to detail to assist mental health therapy private practices all across the U.S. in an administrative support role. This W2, hourly position allows you to work from home. All of the duties can be performed remotely with access to a computer, smart phone, and internet connection.

You would need to be available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. You can choose which time zone in the U.S. you would like to cover. We are currently only hiring residents of Pennsylvania. You can decide how many hours you would like to work per week, the maximum amount available is about 32 hours/week.

Essential Functions

  1. Utilizing practice phone system for incoming/outgoing calls.

  2. Scheduling/rescheduling client appointments working within the practice electronic medical record.

  3. Performing intakes on new clients and using judgement to match with therapist.

  4. Assisting with billing functions, including but not limited to, posting of insurance payments, performing follow up calls to insurance companies to assist with billing issues.

  5. Assist with practice marketing, including but not limited to, social media posting, practice newsletter.

  6. Utilizing practice email for client and staff correspondence.   

  7. Other administrative duties as assigned by the client.


  1. Minimum of High School diploma.

  2. Previous experience in the medical and/or mental health field required.  

  3. Minimum of two years experience in an administrative role.

  4. High speed internet access.

  5. Quiet, designated home office space.

  6. PC or MAC with current virus software.

  7. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word and/or Google Docs.

  8. Knowledge of smartphone applications.

Job Type

Part-time, W2 employment with no benefits. Hourly position, starts at $13/hour. There is a $25 stipend paid every 2 week pay period for the use of your own computer and phone.


Check back soon for our next hiring cycle.