Posting blogs on your therapy website is great for SEO and allowing clients to get to know your style and what kind of therapy you provide. Blogs are also great content to post on social media channels for your practice. But, with all of the things on your plate, writing blogs may be the last priority on your to do list.

The good news is we now provide blog writing services for busy practice owners! Choose a topic and our ghost writer can write a 500-700 word blog post in your voice with your ideal client in mind.


We offer the following packages:



(2) 500-700 word blog posts per month.




(4) 500-700 word blog posts per month.


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Meet Colleen DeHart, our Professional Writer

I am a wearer of many hats -- writer, editor, creator, designer of the written word, and multimedia professional. I work hard. I am driven, passionate, and dependable.

The written word can be so much more than some letters on a page. It has the ability to redirect a person’s thoughts, deliver them to a new place, and make even the most mundane interesting. The journalistic requirement to present even the most complicated of topics in terms that every person on the street can understand is a skill, and one I feel I have honed over time. Everyone has a story, and everything has something that makes it jump off the page—my job is to find what that is and bring it to the front. It is a task I don’t take lightly.

I have been working as a blog writer for the past two years for multiple therapy practices. One of my clients told me I should have an “honorary psychology degree” for my ability to understand mental health topics quickly and translate them into a well written blog post.